The 1975 – “Chocolate”

The 1975 - Chocolatethink about what they say, think about how to think, pause it, play it, pause it, play it, pause it

In case you missed this sexual slice of a video, let me reiterate the magical powerhouse that is Manchester’s The 1975. I witnessed the live show down at SXSW and it stood out as the week’s top set. None of the weird mellow mood “songs” on their EPs made the cut, just the straight hits. These guys are no fking joke. As if the songwriting wasn’t top-notch enough, add on effortless charisma and laser tight musicianship and we’ve got ourselves a damn fine winner. “Chocolate” is just the latest in a string of tracks I can’t get out of my head. And I heard a new one live that will possible be even better. Just tape down the repeat button.