The Best SONGS of 2011 – Pt. 2 (July-Dec)

Songs are pretty amazing things. It’s magical that such a small thing can be so powerful. In the blink of an eye a song can make you smile, dance, cry, think, laugh, etc. These are the ones that did all those things for me the second half of 2011. 

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25. ♫ The Lisps – Try / A late addition in the year but after it became a family anthem during the holidays it solidified it’s greatness. A paerfect song to kick of 2012 with!

24. ♫ Washington – How To Tame Lions / Easy to dismiss on first listen. Impossible to on your 19th.

23. ♫ Handsome Furs – Repatriated / A massive recording and even bigger live. If you aren’t moving now you are dead. Or hate rock music. Same thing, really.

22. ♫ Swiss Lips – U Got The Power / I hope you tidied your head cause this one moves in and hangs posters. And it doesn’t abide by noise curfews.

21. ♫ Jelly Jells – Beautiful / Raw, from the heart, and incredibly catchy. An anthem for all of us.

20. ♫ Butcher Blades – Jigsaw Limbs / Still one of the most innovative and original bands in the game. Harsh sounds and tender vocals married in blissful harmony.

19. ♫ DWNTWN – Hungry Hearts / The fact that this track hasn’t risen up from the internets and taken over the world is astounding.

18. ♫ Heems – WOMYN aka HITCH / Women need the praise and men need the advice. And I need more Heems rhymes. Shampoo!

17. ♫ Brown Shoe – Late Nights / Lyrics that probably resonate with everyone that has heard it. Plus the music stops me in my tracks every time I hear it.

16. ♫ I Am In Love – Call Me An Animal / Be cautious listening to this jam while operating motor vehicles. Dangerous speeds may occur.

15. ♫ M83 – Midnight City / The song that spawed a million remixes was pretty damn good to begin with.

14. ♫ Pictureplane – Post Physical / An odd title because all this song makes me want to do is get physical and steam up some windows.

13. ♫ Urban Cone – Urban Photograph / The Swedes know catchy, bouncy, indie pop. It must be in the water.

12. ♫ Capital Cities – Safe and Sound / How did “Pumped Up Kicks” become the summer anthem for a second year instead of this jam coming out of every 4th of July boombox?

11. ♫ Yalls – Germs / Can I coin the term gurgle-pop? It’s gonna be big in 2012.

10. ♫ Christopher Norman – Maps / It’s only a gentle mist of a song but on sometimes that’s all you need.

9. ♫ tUnE-YarDs – Gangsta / White chicks singing about being gangsta has never been a good idea until now.

8. ♫ Walk The Moon – I Can Lift a Car / Harmony of the year. I dare you not to sing along. So damn good.

7. ♫ Shabazz Places – Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) / Creeping and crunching with authority, this jam is equal parts weird and amazing. Plus: mad flow.

6. ♫ Y Luv – All Night / Stadium sized rock is not dead.

5. ♫ Azealia Banks – 212 / Massive dirty dance music with more twists than a Dan Brown novel.

4. ♫ Mammal Club – Otter / Angular British indie rock at it’s grandest.

3. ♫ Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle / Piano! Drums! Guitar! Vocals! Bass! Handclaps! Everything is too much fun!

2. ♫ Drake – Marvins Room / I know Drake doesn’t want people saying they “feel” him but on this jam I feel him. I feel his weight. Like it or not, he conveys it all so well one can’t help it.

1. ♫ Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) / Because the song is good. Because then it gets great. Because just when you think it’s one man’s woes, we get the other side. Because at 3:01 I get shivers down my spine. Because we all have somebody that we used to know.

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Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler

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  1. Jason K
    Jason K says:

    Brandon, in many many years I have never come across a Best of List that had so many songs that I didn’t know but fell instantly in love with. Thank you for sharing.

  2. tuesday.syndrome
    tuesday.syndrome says:

    Somebody That I Used to Know was HU-UUUGE here in Australia (number one for a ridiculous amount of weeks) but still hasn’t broken into a big international market. Also nice to see Megan Washington getting some love, although that song was released in 2009..? Oh well. Love it.

  3. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Yeah, I heard that Gotye blew the hell up down under. “Somebody” did get pretty big here. My mom knew it from “Dancing With The Stars” So thats something.

    I know Washington’s jams have been in your headphones for a few years but she just landed here this year so I count it 2011 for me.


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