The Black And The White – “Torn Up”

Music for… standing on top of your cubicle and yelling out to the office “Finally!” then, amid a sea of confused stares, your buddy Steve looks over and you look straight at him and whisper forcefully “The Black and The White” and while the rest of the office starts muttering about Michael Jackson’s 90s catalog, Steve knows exactly what you are talking about because he was there for their Central residency, “Future”, recent killer live shows, and all the silence in between. But really, name dropping Michael Jackson in a post on The Black And The White is not too far off. They have a bit of the King of Pop’s funky smooth sensibilities and their live show is no slouch either. Just crank “Torn Up” and try not to imagine the band MJ would have formed if he had been a 20 something in modern day Silverlake.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: More music coming soon. An appearance at Shaun White’s Air & Style coming even sooner (as in Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!)