The Burning Ear joins forces with WEAVIR, crowdfunds the future, changes the way people discover music.


Close your eyes and think of the way you discover new music these days. Ok, that was useless. YOU discover new music through The Burning Ear. But what about all your hopeless friends? They need help. They need a new system of music discovery. They need Weavir.

Be a part of history and help build the future!

Donate to the Weavir Indiegogo campaign today and get some sweet premiums.

If you are too lazy to watch that super informative video featuring the handsome Sam then Weavir goes like this:

Weavir is a discovery service. What sets it apart from other discovery services is that you can discover up-to-date music and concerts through similar people, and you can discover similar people through up-to-date music and concerts. Weavir incorporates music discovery with both the social and live experience aspects of music.

Weavir has a number of different features that make it very unique. After funding, these features will be released one at a time in a way that will most effectively involve potential users:

  • The ability to visualize and compare the people in any user’s network.
  • The ability to visualize and compare the people involved in an activity.
  • The newest musical content by the best blogs in the industry (Read More).
  • Co-Concertsâ„¢: A concert crowdfunding service (Read More).
  • Tour schedules and concert recommendations for popular venues
  • A trading platform for goods and services between artists and fans

While it’s clear that Weavir is heading into a difficult market, I feel like the fresh take on social rewards and community is something special. In the 3.5 years of The Burning Ear I have seen many of you be as passionate as me about new music and how awesome would it be for you to be rewarded! In the Weavir future J Rich would get Purity Ring tickets from the band! The Maccabees would listen to FatedToPretend and not have made a lame album! Barrett would have a better shot at a date with Nina Kinert! Sounds pretty damn good to me.

Oh, and I should definitely mention that The Burning Ear will be playing a prominent roll in the Weavir community as one of the 4 primary content moderators. We are in good company with a handful of other Secondary content moderators as well so you know jams will be top notch and new bands will be pre-filtered.

Anyway, enough talk from me. Carry on!