The Knocks are so good you just Can’t Shake Your Love for ’em

The Knocks

your love is taking me over

The Knocks – Can’t Shake Your Love

Andrew W.K. recently released a mixtape called DAMN! and when I heard a preview of it I was not into it and moved on. Then I stumbled across this track from The Knocks and was like “DAMN!” which is appropriate because apparently it is on DAMN! although I would have never guessed. If the rest of the mixtape has jams like this perhaps I should get it. Anyone? The Knocks are a production duo out of NY and although I don’t see any evidence of an album they have a handful of pretty sweet remixes at their MySpace. I might have to do some digging for the next Remix Roundup

Bury your face in MySpace /// DAMN! on eMusic

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