THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION have a big furry BUFFALO of a jam for us

the moon is a lantern, i follow it’s pattern

♫ The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo

The Phoenix Foundation have nothing to do with our favorite Frenchies and have even been around longer. They have been cranking out delicate indie tunes and scoring critically acclaimed films in their native New Zealand since 1997 but have yet to garner any real attention beyond the islands. It may be time to change that. “Buffalo” is the title track to their latest album and I can’t listen to it without imagining wide open prairies and and the wind at my back. The dancing guitar rides atop galloping the drums as we rock off into the sunset. It’s the best jam about being a buffalo ever written (probably). The rest of the album is more mellow but all very nice summer breeze music. I’m too intimidated by their back catalog to delve any deeper but perhaps an old-school fan can educate us?  [via]

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