THE SWEET SERENADES debut has been ON MY stereo all week. No WAY I’m taking it off soon.

Sweet Serenades

have a drink, put that red dress on, i’m on my way

♫ The Sweet Serenades – On My Way

“On My Way,” from Sweden’s The Sweet Serenades, landed in my inbox a week ago and before I had heard a note I saw this promo photo. Needless to say that when I finally pressed play I was surprised. And excited (not about the photo, although kinda. It’s pretty cool). After tracking down their previous single, Mona Lee, and being thoroughly floored, I was sold. Balcony Cigarettes is only out in Sweden, Germany, and Benelux (??) but because I’m no dummy I have an eMusic subscription and got it there no problem. And then, And THEN, AND THEN! I listened to it and it was great. Then I listened to it again and it was fantastic. This is the kind of album that I can’t wait to see performed live. I have no doubt that these guys murder it onstage and that the crowd is equally pumped. I super-duper recommend this album so get it. You know how. In the meantime play “On My Way” everytime you get in your car and I guarantee you will shave 2 minutes off your commute.

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