thereisnogravity – “To Galactica” and “The Jungle (feat. Lilit)” // Karifurav Caihua

“To Galactica” is like a beautiful fusion of Daft Punk and Gorillaz; it’s funky, catchy, and markedly different than what clearly inspired it. If this were playing over a montage in a TV show, the character it would be following would undoubtably be doing something cooler than I’ve ever done in my entire life.

If this is a Jungle, it’s a new jungle that sprouted up on the moon. “The Jungle” is a pop track with spacey, downtempo elements that swirl around you effortlessly. Three minutes in, the entire vibe of the track has a temporary paradigm shift, but fits in very nicely with what came before it. You may find yourself singing the chorus while trying to find your way back to the jungle for the rest of the day.

To Galactica