TSHEGUE – “Muanapoto” // Art: Daniel Popper

TSHEGUE is a forward-thinking artist with a unique approach to Afro-punk, electro-clash and Afro-beat. New single “Muanapoto” is loaded with rhythm, with several percussion tracks that do much more than providing a rhythmic backbone to the song. The percussive elements have clear and intelligible notes, which also define the song’s melodic structure. The arrangement indeed heavily relies on percussions and vocals, going for a massive energy build-up. “Muanapoto” is impressive for its clarity and depth. The low end is really fat and punchy, while the mid-range is warm, but never harsh. In addition to that, the top end has a nice, silky tone that really contributes to a smooth sounding mix that puts the vocals at the forefront. The song’s beat is almost like crashing waves on a shoreline: you never know how hard the next measure will hit, and there is always something huge to look forward to. This song is certainly meant to move the audience – expect impromptu dance parties to follow with every spin.

TSHEGUE - Muanapoto