TWINKIDS – “Dreamer” + “ACBTY”

These first 2 tracks from TWINKIDS are a gorgeous intro to a duo I’m very excited about. 1 part J-Pop songwriter and 1 part collegiately trained classical pianist, their disparate worlds collide in this weightless and moody magic. Keep em back to back and on repeat. 

Cascine’s singles label, CSCN, is pleased to introduce LA-based duo, @TWINKIDS. “Dreamer,” the first proper single from the project, is slow building and self aware, an upward spiral of blinking keys and street-ready percussion parts. Composed as a love song to nobody, “Dreamer” is a sexually charged musing on the inner explosions of early romance.

TWINKIDS hail from Oberlin, the same musical cornucopia that famously spawned Trans Am, Teengirl Fantasy, True Panther Sounds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more. The duo’s disparate musical backgrounds are present in the material – one worked as a J-Pop songwriter in Tokyo, whereas the other studied classical piano at the collegiate level. Together they make music that strives to bend the defintion of pop music while paying homage to its forward thinking contributors, big and small.

September 23, 2015 at 10:05AM

TWINKIDS - Dreamer