V.V. Brown’s new single snuck up like a Shark In The Water [Album thoughts]


please don’t make too much of it, it ain’t that serious

V.V. Brown – Shark In The Water

V.V. Brown has been riding the hype train sine late last year but I never fell for any of her songs until this one, and even then it took a couple listens. Hopefully you wont be as slow as me and will catch on to the anthemic awesomeness of this track right away. It’s the kind of song that makes me want to sing along at top volume. I just wish it was more pertinent to fist pumping than a song about a verbal misunderstanding and barking sharks(?). I also wish the rest of her debut LP, Travelling Like The Light, was as good. I’ve given it a couple of listens now and while it is completely pleasent I don’t see it staying in my listening rotation past, well… past me hitting ‘pubish’ on this post. Good thing “Shark In The Water” will enjoy a much more fruitful life in my “2009/07July” playlist.

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