[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 01.24.13

Music-Video-RoundupPeel those eyelids back for this weeks collection of great music videos. Last weeks selection took a couple weeks to collect but this one came together in 1 night! I guess that’s what happens when you go on vacation and the vids pile up. Either way, I had a blast watching these and thing you will too.

Sun City – “High”

Australia’s Sun City set a high standard for the year with kids doing adult things.

Anamanaguchi – “「MEOW」”

Anamanguchi are a bunch of adults doing kid things. Talk about keeping a tight visual identity!

Dombrance – “Donna”

Dombrance have compiled the Internet’s best dance moves for their instrumental dance jam.

Monarchy – “Disintegration” ft. Dita Von Teese

Finally more Monarchy! Those teases. Speaking of teasing… This video is generally SFW but what it makes you want to do may not be…

KAMP! – “Melt”

This Kamp! video goes nowhere for a long times. Then it pops and pops well. Plus you can’t really complain about the eye candy.

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  1. Cameron Roberts
    Cameron Roberts says:

    The Meow clip is deliciously terrible. I cant help but rewatch it. I can almost smell the micro-waved pizza and sweaty plastic of such a grossly nostalgic place. Verging on very different but I appreciate the little gems you post from time to time.

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