[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 02.21.13 [Bonobo, Zak Waters, Rhye, Mikky Ekko, Theme Park]

Music-Video-RoundupJeeze Louise. The site has been down a hot minute but lemme tell you, the sweet music videos rest for no one. Expect a few more of these installments in the coming days. So much goodness!

Bonobo – “Cirrus”

Hold onto your eyeballs.

Zak Waters – “Runnin Around”

“Its hard out here for a pimp”, “I aint a playa I just crush a lot”, and other phrases…

Rhye – “Open”

Don’t know how they think they can top the original video but I guess they are tying into “The Fall” video. Watch until the end.

Mikky Ekko – “Pull Me Down”

Mikky Ekko Performs “Pull Me Down”

Get to know the man behind the magic.

Theme Park – “Tonight”

Not a groundbreaking video but damn if these guys don’t sound poised to be living that life soon. The rock-god cliche rarely looks this good.

Theme Park – “Wildest Moments” (Jessie Ware cover)

A fresh spin on an “old” classic. I cant wait to see these guys live.

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