What Up ’08 (Part 2)

At long last…

What Up ’08 (Part 2)

In case you forgot, the forumla goes like this.

Part 1 + Part 2 / CDR = Grooviness

Track notes after the jump.

Remember, all the albums mention here are super-solid gold. Don’t think these songs are an island of Rock in a sea of Roll. These albums are continents, baby, and they are about to get tectonic on your ass!

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12. My Delirium – LadyhawkeS/T

Decades are like dogs, you insult them a bit and they keep coming back for more. I guess all that 80s-bashing has come back to haunt us…and by “haunt” I mean “ROCK.” What did I say about chicks bringing the heat in ’08? Umm yeah, you were warned.

13. Lighting Myself On Fire – Jukebox The Ghost Live And Let Ghosts

Epic. Operatic. Orgasmic. This song makes me want to learn how to play the piano so I can solve the energy crisis with the pure power of the ivories on this track.

14. Untouched – The VeronicasHook Me Up

This is the perfect song for jumping up and down on your parents bed. Even if you break the bed there is no way they will be mad cause they will be too busy singing “I feel so UNtouched!” Oh, did I mention that these two foxy Australians are sisters?

15. Bang! Bang! – The KnuxRemind Me In 3 Days…

Wait? These cats are rapping AND playing their own instruments….AND its amazing? Uhh, yeah dude. Deal with it. In a year dominated by overblown hype for Weezy and Kanye, few people noticed this solid album filled with bangers and beats. Oh, did I mention that these two fly New Orleans natives are brothers?

16. Space And The Woods – Late Of The PierFantasy Black Channel

OK, no siblings here. Just some weirdo dance hooks from a bunch of Brits who made a stellar debut LP. Get on this track, then get on this album. It will make you uncomfortable. It will make you dance. And then it will probably make it uncomfortable when you dance. Thats not it’s fault.

17. Fools – The DodosVisiter

If you dont normally gravitate towards the kind of indie bands who pass off pot-banging and lo-fi muttering as “amazing music” then good, you are a lot like me. Keep riding my bandwagon and wrap yourself around The Dodos. They may come at you sideways at first but hold on and focus on the drums. You will see why.

18. Like Knives – The FashionS/T

Are actually listening? Do you really need me to spell it out further? I didn’t think so. Now shut up and get the album. It had my ears moshing all year.

19. On The Motorway – MetronomyNights Out

If listening to this song makes you want to drive fast I don’t think its an accident. However, if you are like me it conjures up an intricate story of ninja’s on the run and fight scenes involving a lot of high-fives. Do you see it too?

20. I Wasn’t Made For Fighting – WoodhandsHeart Attack

I was made for dancing! I was made for throwing my hands in the air! I was made for bobbing my head really aggressively! I was made for yelling “Oh oh oh OHHH!” at the people waiting for the bus! “I wanna do it one more time!”

21. Fugaz – The Pinker TonesWild Animals

Don’t stop the yelling, baby, just throw a couple “Yeah yeah”s in with the “Oh Oh”s and the party doesn’t miss a beat!

22. Talk Like That – The PresetsApocalypso

This album came to me late in ’08 and this track jumped out at me like that furry thing in Capitain EO. It’s definitely the highlight.

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