Beautiful Small Machines & Robots In Love


when push comes to shove we were only robots in love

I figure you cats might need an extra beat to digest Part 1 of  What Up ’08? so I’m gonna hold off on Part 2 until Monday. Grab it then, put the 2 parts on 1 CD and let it rock your week until the wheels fall off.

Until then…there is Valentines Day! You know the drill, either you are disgustingly happy or disgustingly sad. EIther way, get over yourself and your need to be validated by others and grab this head-bobber by Beautiful Small Machine. Upon first listen I was hooked by the sweet vocals and bouncy drums (and photos of the mega-hot singer Bree on their MySpace) but with further listens I discovered this to be the most poignant love song I’ve heard in a long time. Take a moment to really listen and I think you will find it descirbes a relationship around you (If not ALL of them around me). If you dont recogize who its about then its probably you. Happy Valentines Day!

Beautiful Small Machines – Robots In Love (Big ups to Silence-Killer for this one)

On a side note, I helped produce a Valentines Day CD that is available in stores here in Poland. Its a co-production between TVN Lingua (my work), Universal records, and a Polish internet dating service. The 2-disc set has a mellow/dance split that reads better when you replace “dance” with “euro-spazz-trance.” Either way, check out the track list and some samples afer the jump.

Inwazja muzy w TVN Lingua

(That’s “Music Invasion in TVN Lingua” for you dummies that don’t speak Polish)

CD 1
1. Rihanna Feat Ne-Yo – Hate That I Love You
2. Nelly Furtado – Say It Right
3. Ayo – Down On My Knees
4. Lamb – Gabriel
5. Oh Laura – Release Me
6. Nate James – Justify Me
7. Nelly – One & Only
8. Tami Chynn Feat. Akon – Frozen – Main
9. Shwayze – Buzzin’
10. Leon Jean Marie – Bring It On
11. Kate Nash – Foundations
12. Gabriella Cilmi – Don’t Wanna Go To Bed Now
13. Mika – Love Today
14. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold
15. Guillemots – Made-Up Lovesong #43
16. The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses
17. Feist – Mushaboom
18. Noah And The Whale – 2 Bodies 1 Heart
19. Tyrone Wells – Looking At Her Face
20. Schiller Mit Kim Sanders – Let Me Love You

CD 2
1. September – Because I Love You
2. Sharam Feat. Daniel Bedingfield – The One
3. Klaas – Feel The Love
4. Akcent – Lovers Cry
5. Platnum – Love Shy (Thinking About You)
6. Tristan Garner – Give Love
7. Jes – Imagination
8. Mobin Masters Feat. Robin S – Show Me Love 2008
9. Soulcatcher Feat. Amanda Wilson – Falling For You
10. Captcha – Close To Me
11. The Teachers – Is It Love
12. Micha Moor – Close Your Eyes
13. Bellatrax Feat. Sophia May – I Can’t Help Myself
14. Mike De Ville – If You Believe Me
15. Chainside – I Would Die For You
16. Klaas – Make You Feel
17. Morjac & Fred Falke Feat. Sarah Tyler – When We’re Together
18. Sunloverz – Summer Of Love
19. The Mac Project Feat. Therese – Another Love
20. Axwell & Dirty South Feat. Rudy – Open Your Heart

Cant say they cheated you on tracks! Jesus, most relationships don’t even last as long and this 2 disc set.

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