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  1. Howdy Do There
    Howdy Do There says:

    This song is just pure fire , I mean if you could bottle up fire and the top of the bottle is hot , and the bottom of the bottle is still hot too , because there’s fire in there. It’s this track. Then all of a sudden you realize what’s in the bottle is the best beer you’ve ever had and ten years have passed and you’re still listening to this song. THAT is what decade in transit is like. Listen to this song on repeat my little goblins.

  2. Farm Boi
    Farm Boi says:

    ^ Couldn’t agree more Howdy ,
    I jammed this loud through 2 10’s on my front porch and several wild animals came out of the woods and started undulating/twerking/jerking .. it was sort of like a Disney princess movie but so much cooler…. maybe I should lay off the LSD , nah then I wouldn’t have great times like this.

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