♫ Grouplove- Gold Coast

If you didn’t know by now, its getting pretty evident that Grouplove is going to be rockin’ peoples Chuck Taylor’s off for the foreseeable future.  We at TBE, have been high on them for awhile now, but it somehow slipped our mind to pass along some more of their stupid good jamz.  So, we figured with their self-titled EP being re-released on the 25th of January we would give you a head start. 

Colours was clearly their standout single, but on further review it wasn’t even close to their only stellar track.  “Gold Cost” reminds me of Band of Horses with a slight alternative edginess to it (Awesome!!!!!).  “Naked Kids” sounds like a summer-holiday borrowing the melody of John Lennon’s “Merry X-mas (War Is Over)” for the oohs and aahs.  “Don’t Say Oh Well” = indie goodness and “Getaway Car” aint too shabby either.  After a good few listens, you can’t help but love their great melodies and style…  2011 could be a very big year for them.

♫ Grouplove- Naked Kids

♫ Grouplove- Don’t Say Oh Well

♫ Grouplove- Getaway Car

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Awesome – can’t wait for the new album and hope they tour UK soon. Good reference on point on Gold Coast sounding like Band of Horses – I hadn’t noticed before and it does!

  2. percentq
    percentq says:

    Ive been trying to find a link to it but Chevy has a new commercial with ‘Dont Say Oh, Well’ !!
    And were just featured on NPR All Songs Considered http://www.npr.org/2011/08/02/138855544/bjork-rocks-the-ipad-andrew-bird-covers-kermit-more 
    I love these guys. 

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