Fort Vine – “Key To Love” // Christian Orrillo

There is a love beating from my heart like a drum. And that love is this song, and this band. New York natives Fort Vine released an album a few years ago entitled One In The Same. Their soulful blend of indie folk, indie rock, otherworldly harmonies, and unique pop sensibilities made it an album I tend to revisit frequently. They are coming out with their Sophomore effort in the Spring of 2018, entitled Stay Magical, and this standalone track was released to tide us over. An absolutely tribal powerhouse pop explosion, you will be inexplicably drawn to it and craving more. Frontman Trevor Tunison has a buttery, smooth voice with an unshakable confidence, and the only thing this track is missing is the female member of the band, Nyna Nelson, to create their signature vocal textures. Looking forward to the new album, gang.

Key To Love