[MP3 + REMIX] Tune In Crew – Don’t Gogo (Original Mix)

Here at The Burning Ear we’ve been supporting Tune In Crew and their remixes for sometime, so I’m always looking forward to their tracks in my inbox.  Then, suddenly my life improved upon reading their last email…  This email had something special- attached was a track entitled “Don’t Gogo”.  This is what I’d like to call Wonka Factory music.  As if they went to the Wonka factory and experimented with Willy himself.  The creations were beautiful ear candy… with everything new, fresh and exciting in electronic music today.

Here is what Tune In Crew had to say:

“Having produced mostly Remixes this year, we’ve come up with this fully original song, continuing to explore the mix of electronic and more “organic” sounds and feel, which is central to our approach. Our aim was to build a strong smooth atmosphere, different from what we had created before, while keeping our ongoing main focus: sharing joyful energy, good mood and “sunny” feeling!”


Tune In Crew – Don’t GoGo / Free download.

This Remix is submitted for the “sunshine” Remix contest.  Please support Tune In Crew by voting here: http://awe.sm/gWRy

Here is what Tune In Crew had to say:

“Like always when producing a remix, our aim is to provide, with our own touch, a different listening experience from the original superb song, while still staying coherent and musical in regards of the artist performance. This results in this mixture of Reggae references, old school Hip Hop feel and today’s electro flavor, which we feel get along well with Matisyahu’s unique style. Most of all, we hope to share the joyful and playful state of mind and heart we were in when doing it!”

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