PHANTOGRAM revisited

♫ Phantogram- When I’m Small

I’ve been itching to revisit this album since Brandon posted it way back on March 1st featuring the amazing “Mouthful of Diamonds“.

Given the time, I have been able to completely soak in the album Eyelid Movies and was even fortunate enough to catch them live. This led me to land closer to Pitchforks 7.5 album rating (perhaps higher).  Maybe I’m a sucker for their unique street-beat rhythms, and psychedelic melodies… or could it be Sarah Barthel’s (vocals, keyboards) stage command and hypnotizing good looks?  Regardless, its bands like Phantogram that give me optimism about the future of music in the U.S.   Phantogram’s passion for what they do is never more apparent than when you witness Sarah own the stage and every pair of eyes in the venue.   The stars of the album “When I’m Small”, “As Far as I Can See” and “You Are the Ocean” all fight for album supremacy with the exceptional “Mouthful of Diamonds”; paving the way for a very solid album.  So, if you haven’t gotten on the Phantogram band-wagon yet, perhaps its time for you to get on the wagon.

♫ Phantogram- You Are The Ocean

♫ Phantogram- As Far as I Can See

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  1. StephB
    StephB says:

    thanks for posting about Phantogram! I’ve had a couple of these songs stuck in my head for months and have been desperately trying to figure out who it is! YUSS!

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