[PREMIERE] AR Ferdinand – “Vespucci Beach” (Ft. Carlos Neda & Josh Oleo) // Isabella Nazzarri

“Me and my friend Diego Baraona (of 3 Piece Meal) got together one day for a bit of a jam with no real intentions in mind. Before long Diego came up with a guitar riff that I started working drums & bass to, and almost straight away we knew we had something really special going on.” – AR Ferdinand

Anyone truly enjoying this Labor Day Weekend will have likely done so with the help of some friends. It made for a good time, no doubt. And its that same simple recipe AR Ferdinand used when recruiting his friends for this beautiful piece of laid back bun-warming goodness. The perfect jam to crank up loud as you cruise back home from whatever magical place the weekend has taken you.

Released on Surfin Wavs Records.

AR Ferdinand - Vespucci Beach (Ft. Carlos Neda & Josh Oleo)