[PREMIERE] OKADA – “Bury Me” // Richard Somonte

The Burning Ear is stoked to have an advanced premiere of OKADA’S incredible new transformative track, “Bury Me.” Throw some headphones on and let this epic take you away. Synths swirl and dazzle while an angelic voice welcomes you to the world you’re about to dive headfirst into. The smooth, heavenly sounds start to fade and glitch, having a cocoon-bursting metamorphosis into an uptempo, drum-filled version of itself. This is where your foot is going to start tapping itself, don’t say I didn’t warn you. About halfway through “Bury Me”, you get a moment to catch your breath, the warm textures once again taking the forefront and the cinematic aspect of the journey shines brightly in your face. The latter half of the journey forsakes the drums, allowing the vocal chanting to slide and glide you to the piano splattered finish line. You can exale now. You haven’t taken a breath in just over 13 minutes. It’s amazing that you’re still alive. Now process what you just heard and go for round two.