Sister Grim – “Coming Down” + “Pitter Patters”

As a boy, the young Grim was forced to leave his home. He traveled far and wide and gazed upon The Lands in wonder. Until one grey morning, in the deep depths of a dark and swampy southern fog, he encountered his greatest foe: The CUNNING YOUNG SKINNY. Malicious and deceitful, Young Skinny challenged the Boy Grim to a “Challenge Of The Spirit.” “IF…you can answer me this ONE QUESTION,” said The Young Skinny, you shall go on to live a joyous life, full and abundant with glee and ecstasy. BUT…if you DO NOT answer me correctly, your face shall be wiped clean and bear, such that you must conceal yourself, and NO ONE SHALL KNOW YOU.”

The Young Grim pierced deeply into the eyes of the menacing demon and declared: “I ACCEPT”

The Young Skinny snickered and slithered and slouched and sleazed his way through the fog until he was but a pills-length away from the Boy Grim’s Face. “Turn to the West,” The thinly shaped figure urged,” So I can whisper my lovely little question into your ear.” The Boy Grim turned his face to the west, and the words crept slightly and slowly from Young Skinny’s tongue and entered the Boy Grim’s mind. His eyes lit up, as he was sure he knew the answer to his Question. But suddenly, as the Boy turned to reply with his Answer a great and sudden gust of wind blew from the West and an army of sharp and menacing Daggers of The Spirit came flying through the air and pierced him through the face. The Boy Grim cried out as this demonic wind—piece by piece—swept through his hair, into his mouth, out his ears and deep into the sockets of his eyes until his entire face was distorted, disrupted, and wiped away to NOTHING. The assault was so great and so fierce, that all of his intuitive knowledge was erased, such that he could no longer remember the answer to The Young Skinny’s Question. The sly, double-crossing Skinny disappeared from sight and the Boy Grim was left alone, sightless and mindless.

From that day forward, the Young Man Grim made it his life’s journey to travel the earth, seeking to remember his Long Lost Answer. And he vowed that, one day, when he discovered it, he should return to the deep and swampy fog to slay the Young Skinny and prove that he did in fact once, and now again knew The Answer to his Question.

And so, the Grey Grim concealed his face and ventured forth in solitude, hiding his identity from the living, waiting on his day to emerge from the shadows, whole again…

…to be continued…

Coming Down