The Derevolutions – “It’s a Derevolution Baby” // Art: Oliver Wainwright

The Derevolutions have perfected their own blend of psychedelic pop, combining vibrant melodies and catchy hooks with great textures and atmospheric sound. Think The Flaming Lips jamming with Spoon, trying to do a Bee Gees cover!

The picture might be quite surreal, but the sound of this band makes me think of various music scenes, and it gives me the impression that this group is able to please a wide array of fans. Whether you are a purveyor of fine indie music or a sucker for a catchy pop hook, The Derevolutions set out to pump it all up with their new release, “It’s a Derevolution Baby”, a song that captures the band’s essence masterfully.

The arrangement is steady and rich, while the sound has a very “human” quality to it, with a lot of warmth and swing. I love the way this group can convey very modern aesthetics, while maintaining some ties with the unforgettable sounds of yesteryear. The result is a style that feels a bit retro, but never in a nostalgic way!

the derevolutions - It's a Derevolution Baby