Thomas Graves – “Prague” + “Growl”

Sounds like / Music for… people who prefer a real story from the artist over my weirdo ramblings. Thomas has this to say about the beautifully instrumental “Prague”.

I had this brutal virus when I was touring Europe with my College Choir. The bug took me down in a way I didn’t think possible.

This track conveys how I felt on the way home flying back from Prague after surviving the tour. In the end the plane lands and I made it.

Much Love.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Future: If the world is just, “Prague” will go from 112 listens to 112 thousand. And then some. Same for the much funkier “Growl” which still sits under 100 plays.

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  1. luvsosa
    luvsosa says:

    This kid has real talent, I see him becoming a hybrid of Panda Bear and Alexander Dubcek.

    Expect to see him at the top of the charts/chairman somewhere soon.

  2. Ja'Von Smudge
    Ja'Von Smudge says:


    I’m feelin it but wat is up wit dat name? Thomas Gravy? LLS!

    Boy you look lik som gravy

  3. Stephen Parrish
    Stephen Parrish says:

    ooh buddy. This guy is so good at musicing. hot damn..

    Also, if you guys like musics. Check out Bob Dylan.. don’t know if you’ve heard of him..



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