[VIDEO] Mexico City Blondes – “Fade”

Sounds like… Santa Barbara is stepping up its game. First FMLYBND and now Mexico City Blondes. Only one song out but this new video cements them as ones to watch. Definitely no worry of them disappearing though…

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Future: More sweet sultry sounds soon.

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  1. […] us wait for it but today they finally release their debut EP. Anyone who has heard the blissed out “Fade” or more funked out guitar groover “Colors” will be as excited as I am. And even more […]

  2. […] City Blondes get a bit sinister with their second single and I’m loving the swagger. If “Fade” was waking up groggy eyed, “Colors” is that post-coffee confidence to go out and take […]

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