[MP3 LINK/VIDEO] Reptile Youth – “Speeddance”

This, my people, is your new Friday-Jam.

Just stumbled across Reptile Youth and I do believe they are the tits.  Apparently, these dudes from Copenhagen are so bonkers live that they have developed a devoted following without releasing a single tune- until now.  Instead they’ve lived as renegades and terrorized noise police across Europe and Asia.  I’ve included video proof of their chaotic/ridiculous stage presence below.  Feast on the treasures.

Formed in Denmark in 2009 by Vocalist Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and bassist Esben Valløe, and previously known as Reptile and Retard, the band toured extensively in 2010 and 2011 to rapturous acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Their live shows have border on barely contained chaos, their dominance of the stage inspiring a fervent following among those in the know.

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  1. Lou Rivas
    Lou Rivas says:

    Yes Joel, the fowl are quite accurate.  I don’t dance often, but when I do…. it’s the winning performance on “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Stay thirsty my friend ….. and may the odds always be in your favor.

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