[MP3] Acollective – “Stolen Goods”

pack up your things and get out, i can’t stand your taste in my mouth

♫ Acollective – Stolen Goods

  • Who: Idan Rabinovici, Roy Rieck, & 5 other epic dudes.
  • What: Funk folk rock, like Jukebox The Ghost, Gogol Bordello
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Debut LP Onwards is out now.
  • Why: Quiet the area around you, close your eyes, and let “Stolen Goods” wash over you like the morning tide. It comes it soft before slowly rippling up your ankles and ending in a crash over your body. Having this song introduced to you live is a luxury not many will get but I can tell you it had an effect on me. It was about 27 seconds in before I knew I had to have Acollective at the TBE showcases at SXSW. I did. They rocked other songs too but this one still gripped me something fierce.
  • If the only Israeli music you are familiar with is The Young Professionals (or god forbid Infected Mushroom…) then prepare to have your horizon’s expanded. Don’t worry the process will be painless. However, other side effects may include shivers up your spine, uncontrollable dancing, and maximal merriment. Just see these guys live and you will understand. Or stay tuned for a full album review (& other stories from my trip with Kinetis) although I recommend beating me to the punch and getting your own copy.
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