[MP3] Ghost Beach – “Too Young”

and i’ll be waiting, when you get older, when you’re over me

♫ Ghost Beach – Too Young

  • Who: Josh Ocean & Doc.
  • What: Retro electro dance party, like Penguin Prison, The Knocks, Gemini Club
  • Where: NYC + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: A new single every month!
  • Why: One week ago I knew I liked Ghost Beach. After the NY duo tore up one of the last sets of our 4-day marathon party at SXSW I knew I loved Ghost Beach. These guys are straight party time and not afraid to bring the ruckus. The whole room at The Firehouse was grooving along to songs they were hearing for the first time. That’s awesome. “Too Young” is a mega jam (woah guitar solo!) but then again so are the other 2 free tracks they have up on their Bandcamp. Which one is your favorite? Choose fast cause a new one is dropping soon… Sweetness.
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