Remix Roundup Vol. 69 – Approx. Jan 2013

100-bolt-paddedDamn, these have been rocking my iTunes for months now but laziness/selfishness has kept them from being wrapped and gifted for your ears. No time to talk. Get down to the rock.

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  1. Dan Bastin
    Dan Bastin says:

    Yesss. That Oliver remix is huge. You posted that a bit ago and literally 3 days later I bartended a party and the DJ there played it. When he came to the bar I commended him on such an excellent track choice. It made his day that someone at the party actually recognized it. So much so that he loaded up a jump drive with some of his favorite tracks for me to have since I obviously had such a great tastes. I love when music makes the world work like that. Mad props for being the catalyst for all that.

  2. Scott Barrett
    Scott Barrett says:

    So maybe there are not enough of us telling you hwo much we appreciate the remix section but I would like for you guys to know that you have pointed me to so many incredible songs that i have actually BOUGHT because of you guys and your posts. I hope that you do not loose the remix roundup because it is my fav of all the posts on the site. Thx mucho and long live AUSTIN! Thank you so much for TBE!

  3. Scott Barrett
    Scott Barrett says:

    Ugh! you could not make me happier! I have shamefully taken to scavenging other sites but have always loved y’alls suggestions including pompeya, , jakwob, Phoenix , Banks, Monarchy, Wake Owl, cut copy, Knocks, RAC, and many others that are always ahead of others. I should have told you YEARS ago that you guys brought me to many really found breaking bands and how much I appreciated it. When you are next in AUS for SXSW or ACL you need to let me know. I used to vista your region for friends and music often and would love to retune the favor.

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