VINYL MOON: The Mixtape Vinyl Club curated by The Burning Ear


Dear TBE family,

For over 6 years now I have been slapping songs I love up here on this website and you guys keep coming back every day to jam with me. It’s an honor I never imagined when I started this site. Today marks the next chapter in the life and evolution of The Burning Ear. After 10 months of blood, sweat, and tears, we are launching VINYL MOON. It is our way of paying tribute to all the amazing bands we get to share here on TBE, but now you can hear them in the comfort of your favorite chair, without any digital screens between you and the music.

If you follow The Burning Ear then you know the music will be amazing. Just to confirm, here are some fun statistics about Volume #1 (which is being pressed right now).

VINYL MOON VOLUME #1: Facts & Figures

  • TEN: Bands featured
  • SIX: Bands from The United States
  • FOUR: Different US states (CA, OR, CO, NY)
  • TWO: Bands from the United Kingdom
  • ONE: Band from Denmark and Australia (each)
  • 1.8 MILLION+: Cumulative Soundcloud plays between all songs
  • SIX: Songs that were the Hype Machine Top 10 charts
  • EIGHT: Bands who will make their vinyl debut on Vinyl Moon
  • FIVE HUNDRED: The number of records being pressed

perhaps what I’m most excited about with Vinyl Moon is that each Volume will be designed by a different visual artist. We have some amazing talent on board and the record jackets will be amazing.

There is tons more to explain but it is all HERE in the Kickstarter. If you love vinyl and love (or even moderately like!) The Burning Ear you are going to love VINYL MOON.

VINYL MOON: The Mixtape Record Club