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[MP3] Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – “American Girl”

you’re the one you’re my american girl ♫ Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – American Girl Who: Silver Medallion and Brooklyn producer Dave Edwards What: Upbeat house music, like DWNTWN Where: Brooklyn, New York + Facebook / Soundcloud When: Singles released often on Soundcloud! Why: You know, this song hits on all fronts that are of interest […]

[MP3] Great Elk – “Two Weeks”

if the strings i strum were gold, could i convince you to love me ’til we’re old ♫ Great Elk – Two Weeks Who: Paul, Patrick, Bryan, Tommy, and Adam What: Chill indie rock, like Ace Reporter, Brown Shoe Where: Brooklyn, New York + Facebook / Bandcamp When: Debut LP Autogeography arriving May 22nd Why: After a looooong Monday […]

[MP3] Kroktopus – “DANGER!!!”

danger ♫ Kroktopus – DANGER!!! Who: William Henchy What: Alarm sounding electro, like Adventure Club Where: Boston, MA + Soundcloud When: More releases soon? Why: When a song entitled “DANGER!!!” hits my inbox it better be packing. Thankfully Kroktopus (what a name right?) brought the heat, with some extra hot sauce for good measure. Yum.

[MP3] iamsleepless – “Ciel Étoilé”

♫ iamsleepless – Ciel Étoilé Who: Dylan Bailey What: Pulsating electronica, like The 14th Minute, Amtrac Where: Yulee, Florida + Facebook / Bandcamp When: Holding Up the Sky out now Why: Making music in your bedroom is a funny thing. Speaking from personal experience, and coincidentally beginning the same endeavor around the same time Dylan did in 2007, […]

[MP3] Big Deal – “Talk”

all i wanna do is talk, but seeing you fucks me up ♫ Big Deal – Talk Who: Alvis Costelloe & Grouchy Wonderwall What: Youthful love rock, like Anoraak, Hospitality Where: London + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon When: Lights Out available now Why: Simple advice for the next time you are in an argument with your lover; get […]

[MP3] Joywave – “True Grit”

you should have loved me all the time ♫ Joywave – True Grit Who: The one, the only, Joywave What: Synth laden goodness, like Monarchy, M83 Where: Rochester, New York + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon When: Koda Vista EP releasing hopefully in March Why: What is there really to say about these guys. If you’ve been around […]

[MP3] Gabrielle Wortman – “Ghost”

thought the only love that i had was, mine ♫ Gabrielle Wortman – Ghost Who: That’s tricky, pretty sure it’s Gabrielle Wortman What: Alternative rock, like Florence and the Machine, Bohème Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon When: The Voodoo EP is out now Why: The piano. The minimalistic synths. The sparse drum track. Oh, and the […]

[MP3] PRJCTS – Let It Bang!

just let it bang ♫ PRJCTS – Let It Bang! Who: Eddington & Daniel What: “All things upward”, like Fleet Foxes on a sugar high Where: Compton, Texas + Facebook / Soundcloud When: New songs soon? Why: In discovering this song so carefully placed by the interwebs in my email I was caught by one thing; the eloquence […]