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[MP3] Gemini Club – “By Surprise”

forget the absence it’s the patience i loathe ♫ Gemini Club – By Surprise Who: Dan, Tom, and Gordon. What: Self-described “indie electronica”, like Penguin Prison & Capital Cities Where: Chicago, IL + Facebook / Soundcloud When: Here We Sit out soon Why: Yesterday we had a post that stemmed from a recommendation from another music artist. Today we […]

[MP3] Nightlife – “On the Run”

don’t want to be here forever, i know what i’ve got to do ♫ Nightlife – On the Run Who: Darin & Caroline What: Dreamy pop, like Stepdad Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan + Facebook / Bandcamp When: Radio EP out now Why: When great bands turn you on to other great bands it’s always one of those wonderful and […]

[MP3] Shuteye – “How You Are I Never”

i like the way you look but how you are i never would ♫ Shuteye – How You Are I Never Who: Two Chicagoans; Elysia and Alena What: Piano electronica, like M83, Florence and the Machine Where: Chicago, Illinois + Facebook / Soundcloud When: Sun Night Sky EP out now Why: When you mix two weaving vocal harmonies, […]

[MP3] Manor – “Rhodesia”

there’s no one here inside this bed, but me ♫ Manor – Rhodesia Who: A stylish Nathaniel and a foxy Caitlin What: Arctic rock, like Generationals, Wildlife Where: Adelaide, Australia + Facebook / Soundcloud When: Debut LP releasing in 2012 Why: Hope, longing, emotion; all structural pieces that most melancholy guitar jams have. Combining them in such a […]

[MP3] Chopstick & Johnjon – “Obviously She’s A Whore”

i’m hurting while i’m with you ♫ Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She’s A w**** Who: A Chi-Thien & a John(jon) What: Deep House, sounds like Danny Dance, Jens Lindahl Where: Berlin, Germary + Facebook / Amazon When: Latest EP Suol Mates 1 out now Why: When artists can strike a perfect balance between two genres like soul hip-hop and […]

[MP3] Old Soul – “Blackbird Calling”

dreaming of something, something no one knows ♫ Old Soul – Blackbird Calling It’s always pleasant when you are surprised by a band. Old Soul caught me off guard, and the description of the making of their debut album was just too good to pass on sharing: We quit our jobs, fired up the wood stove […]

[MP3] Diamonds Under Fire – “The One”

think I lost my mind, ’cause I can’t speak ♫ Diamonds Under Fire – The One This is the kind of rock I miss. In a music world full of female pop artists hitting it big by chewing bubblegum and puking in closets, Vanessa is doing the opposite. Harnessing a sound that brings back memories of […]