[MP3] Manor – “Rhodesia”

there’s no one here inside this bed, but me

♫ Manor – Rhodesia

  • Who: A stylish Nathaniel and a foxy Caitlin
  • What: Arctic rock, like Generationals, Wildlife
  • Where: Adelaide, Australia + Facebook / Soundcloud
  • When: Debut LP releasing in 2012
  • Why: Hope, longing, emotion; all structural pieces that most melancholy guitar jams have. Combining them in such a fashion that is outside the box and entertains my ears is something else entirely. Manor has done that. Nathaniel and Caitlin; keep the duo alive. We like it.
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  1. kieutrinh
    kieutrinh says:

    Very much so! They kind of remind me of Snowmine. Who are ridiculously awesome too. Had this song on repeat for days Im pretty sure http://soundcloud.com/snowmine/beast-in-air-beast-in-water

  2. kieutrinh
    kieutrinh says:

    The entire album is a pretty good listen. You might like Carousel too if you haven’t heard of them already http://carouselmusicpage.com. Their entire EP is on my all day errday playlist.

  3. Paige
    Paige says:

    Okay this is going to drive me nuts. Is this a cover? Did someone else cover this? I have heard this song before but not this version…

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