[MP3] Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – “American Girl”

you’re the one you’re my american girl

♫ Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – American Girl

  • Who: Silver Medallion and Brooklyn producer Dave Edwards
  • What: Upbeat house music, like DWNTWN
  • Where: Brooklyn, New York + Facebook / Soundcloud
  • When: Singles released often on Soundcloud!
  • Why: You know, this song hits on all fronts that are of interest to me, as a young man and all. I’ll let Silver Medallion explain: “it’s a dance song about girls, america, circa 2004 Lindsay Lohan, house music and everything that’s amazing in the world”. Now that I’m totally down with, as long as we can have 2004 Lindsay and present day Lindsay. That would be a party.
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