Beat Radio wrote the Memoir Of A Lightning Bolt

Beat Radio

will you think of me sometimes when you’re hiding from the sunshine

♫ Beat Radio – Memoir of a Lightning Bolt

Luis over at PMA dropped Beat Radio on me a while back and while I couldn’t get into their free EP, I did fall for this track off their forthcoming second LP, Safe Inside The Sound. And by “their” I mean “his” because Beat Radio is the work of a guy named Brian who lives in New York and makes loose and fuzzy rock songs that are filled with both emotion and grooves. Beat Radio proves that music can be a lo-fi, raw, and a bit scuzzy while still being immensely enjoyable. “Memoir Of A Lightning Bolt” is my favorite by far, but the latest I’ve heard, “Sleepwalking,” is growing on me fast. Oh, and Brian’s wife has a cake decorating blog which is definitely not safe for those with a sweet tooth. Mmmm, tasty beats and tasty treats! Most awesome couple ever?

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