CHROMEO is best enjoyed at NIGHT and BY only a NIGHTlight


come on girl, don’t make a fuss, let’s have a conversation that’s not about us

♫ Chromeo – Night By Night

I am sorry to say that no, this is not the theme song to a new disco-cop procedural on Fox, hold on for a few more seconds and you will hear Dave 1’s signature vocal croon. Although wait a bit longer and you will hear the epic guitar solo that would perfectly soundtrack a synchronized-dance drug bust. Oh well, at least it’s Chromeo we are dealing with and they have predictably delivered a solid funk-fest that although perfect for dancing, still drips with sex. Perfect. “Night By Night” is offered to us by Green label Sound as a “sneak peak” at their forthcoming album. So far so good! [Thanks to Pasta Primavera]

Oh, and check out the public service work Chromeo have been doing. Good dudes all around.

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