DOMINIQUE YOUNG UNIQUE has a SHOW for you and I bet MY ASS you like it

keep hatin’, i’mma gon show ya

♫ Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass

It doesn’t get much better than this. A 17 year old Florida chick drops a sick banger dripping with swagger and spitfire rapping just in time for warmer weather and outdoor boomboxes. The video is definitely worth a watch to see this girl in action, owning this jam like nobodies business. I can’t tell what I love more: Dominique’s grin inducing flow or the songs incessant beat change-ups. At less than 3 minutes it’s pretty fantastc how much energy, fun, and different beats are packed in here. I just hope nobody slips a disk trying to dance in time with this freshness. Be safe, people. Dominique’s Blaster Ep will be out soon through Art Jam.

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