[EP] Reptar – OBLANGLE FIZZ Y’ALL (w/ “Stuck In My Id”)

cause there’s one hope, one thing i know is true, yeah i would drop all of my lovers just to kick it off with you

♫ Reptar – Stuck in My Id

Before we get into how good this band is and how fun their single “Stuck In My Id” is we all need to take a good stare at this EP art. I’d seen it probably 20 times before I really looked closely and tried to figure out what was going on. Awesome. Luckily Athens, GA’s, Reptar aren’t as obscure and complex, instead instantly likable as they effortlessley weave bits of indie rock and danceable fun together on their debut EP Oblangle Fizzle Y’all. “Stuck In My Id” builds layers of bouncy guitar on layers tweaky synths and frosts it all with unique vocals to make a tasty treat that fits perfectly with summertime. The whole Oblangle EP is solid stuff and I highly recommend you stream it at their Facebook and then grab your own copy.

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