[EXCLUSIVE] Aiden Grimshaw – Is This Love (II Figures Remix)

As a brutally honest person, I won’t lie for one second… I’m not a fan of any of these reality music series.  The worst are the American versions- producing nothing but boring formula music year after year.  Personally, I think one of the best moments in this genre of television was the famous Calvin Harris pineapple joke.  

So, it should come as no surprise that before today, I had no idea who this Aiden Grimshaw fellow was.  That is until a peek through my inbox brought me to another II Figures remix.  If you follow TBE, you know that I’m a huge sucker for remixes and this track was no exception.  In fact, I’ve had this chune on repeat- just jamming my face off the last few days.  To top it all off, I gave the original a listen, and I must admit that I do enjoy it.  Turns out Grimshaw is a pretty big star across the Atlantic.  

The release date for ‘Is This Love’ is 3 June.  Get the exclusive II Figures remix download here.

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