FYFE DANGERFIELD wonders WHEN YOU gonna WALK him cause he’s been IN THE same damn ROOM all day


in this moment no one is pulling me down into the ground

♫ Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk In The Room

Fyfe Dangerfield might not be his real name but that’s just fine because he is kicking out the jam with this one. Fyfe is also the singer for the Mercury Nominated band Guillemots, but early next year will see the release of his solo debut, Fly Yellow Moon. “When You Walk In The Room” is the first leak off that disc and so far so good. “When You Walk” is one of those love songs for parading down the sidewalk, pumping your fists in the air and kissing babies. Put it on the next mix-tape for your lady and you can bank on some extra lovin.

♫ Guillemots – Last Kiss

Here is a Guillemots jam that I always liked, although it is quite different than Fyfe. I’m not familiar with Guillemots’ 2006 debut, Through The Windowpane, but I have heard great things.

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  1. JoshB
    JoshB says:

    “I can't help it if I'm happy. I can't help it if I'm happy not to be sad.” Great lyric, good beat.

    Perfect song for the new morning commute mix. Love the sound, can't wait for the album.

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