GOODNIGHT OWL seem to have used both MAPS AND COMPASSES to get to my heart

Goodnight Owl

we used our nose to find the winding road

♫ Goodnight Owl – Maps And Compasses

Quick, before you realize that another band with Owl in the name could draw comparisons to The Postal Service, close your eyes and let this one wash over you. Australia’s Goodnight Owl are nailing this infectious stutter-bloop jams pretty well. “Maps And Compasses” is their most addictive, but “She Kept A Secret” and “Verandah” show that these guys didn’t just stumble upon the magic. This just feels like romance music. Put this on a X-Mas mix for your lady and you’ll up your holiday “gift giving” quota for sure. Their self-titled EP is available now from iTunes and other outlets so track that down and extend the loving a few minutes…

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