KACEY JOHANSING has the voice of an ANGEL singing to an ISLAND of me

fireworks in the sky, let’s pretend they’re for just you and i

♫ Kacey Johansing – Angel Island

Kacey Johansing’s “Angel Island” is the kind of perfectly constructed and beautifully delicate love song that instantly strums the heart strings while soothing the ears and heart together. Not a bad way to ease into this hot summer workweek. The San Fransisco via Boston singer/songwriter’s debut album, Many Seasons, is out now and Kacey tackles both guitar and piano duties in addition to singing. “Oh Brother” is the other track I’ve heard and it’s spritely piano plinking and sharp whistling provide a nice glimpse Kacey’s more cheery side. This kind of fragile folk stuff is not always my bag but it’s nice to have a great track or album kicking around the iTunes for those mellow moments.

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