KENSINGTON make my ears feel not SAFE… in a good way.

now you know why it holds you back ’til you reap what you sew

♫ Kensington – Safe

So, regular readers of TBE know that I talk a lot about my “favorite albums” or “favorite EPs” etc but something happened to me recently that made my list-making duties super easy. I discovered Kensington. These guys rip shit like nobodies business. I am struggling how to convey this to you but their EP Youth is fucking fantastic. We are talking about 4 perfectly crafted pop shredders that jump in my ear and start moshing like they own the place but I’m like “woah, that’s my ear” and they are like “fuck off you little bitch, we came to shred shit and that’s what we gonna do, yo!” As you can imagine, there is not much you can say to that. I’m so pumped for these guys that it’s not even funny.

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