[LP] JOGGER is a GORILLA of a band with MEATy chucks of music

remember this is what they wanted, remember this is what they said, to never be heard or seen from again

♫ Jogger – Gorilla Meat

Sit back and bliss out because Jogger have 4 minutes and 20 seconds (hmmm….interesting…) of straight jamming here. I don’t even know how to describe all the places this song goes. It truly is a sonic journey. Like staring out a train window and watching the scenery flip by at varying paces and in varying places but the whole time being mesmerized. I love the guitar work in the last minute. Massively catchy. So Jogger is made up of 2 dudes in LA, one of whom also does the very highly recommended podcast Uhh Yeah Dude (see blogroll for my plug). I’ve been a UYD fan for years but never really dove into Jogger because I thought it was too weirdo electronic experimental. Well, truthfully, it is, but it’s also really growing on me in a very strange way. I fell for “Gorilla Meat” the first time I heard it but the rest of their debut LP This Great Pressure is a crazy eclectic mix of distorted sounds and crazy vibes. It’s 10 tracks include 2 live tracks, 1 remix, and a song that has some serious black metal vibes going on that I am really unsure about. However, in the midst of trying to sort out how I felt about this album I found myselfreally grooving to it. Tracks like “Master and Student” and “In America” have such oddly catchy moments that it’s hard to brush them off. And then “Champing At The Bit (live)” is so lush and spastic that it’s clear that these guys know their shit and probably slay live. Although I am digging most of it, this album may not be for everyone. SO for guaranteed enjoyment, listen to an episode of Uhh Yeah Dude and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Stephen Frost
    Stephen Frost says:

    awesome. reminds me of a more communicative menomena. that’s louder. or something like that. but doubly awesome that one of the guys has a podcast…first i’ve heard of that.

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