[LP] SANDMAN VIPER COMMAND is the THE BEST name OF ever so you can cancel PLANS to start your own band

if love is just a game, how can winning the grand prize bring one man so much pain

♫ Sandman Viper Command – The Best Of Plans

What’s in a name? Is a Sandman Viper Command still a Sandman Viper Command by any other name. No. It’s not. With a name this aggressively ambitious you might expect some heavy  shit to be ripping through your speaker but then again that album art should be a good indicator that these guys aren’t here to bee too serious. The Burlington, Ontario, quartet dropped their debut album, Everybody See This, in 2009 but I’m just stumbling across it now. “The Best Of Plans” wears it’s guitar on it’s sleeve as it churns through some good old fashioned indie-rock heartbreak and disappointment.

Their sound has an eclectic vibe that at different times reminds me of bands as diverse as Ben Folds (“Using Everybody”) and The Gay Blades (“Strawberry Quick”). Everybody See This is spotty at times but definitely shows a young band with a hunger for getting their rock on. I look forward to seeing where they go next.

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