[LP] Washington – I BELIEVE YOU LIAR (w/ “Sunday Best”)

i will take the time to make it just so you’ve the chance to break it

♫ Washington – Sunday Best

After buckets of success and a handful singles in her native Australia, Washington is finally reaching farther shores and we should all be happy. Debut LP I Believe You Liar has some superb tracks like “How To Tame Lions,” “Holy Moses,” “Navy Blues,” and recent favorite “Sunday Best.” The hyperactive beat and chugging vocals are an instant pick-me-up that seems perfectly suited to some sort montage of waking up and getting ready for work or something. Grab the coffee! Don’t spill! Go! Go! Go!

Some of the album feels a bit same-y and washes over my ears a bit too smoothly to sink in but overall I’m looking forward to more from this girl. After all, “How To Tame Lions” is still one of the best songs of my year.

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