[MP3] Fort Fairfield – “Patience” (With Cosima Lamberth)

come directly to me, i’ll bring you home

 ♫ Fort Fairfield – Patience (With Cosima Lamberth)

  • Who: Brothers John and Tom Luck.
  • What: Atmospheric space pop. Sounds like Moby, Germany Germany
  • Where: A lake in Sweden + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: 2nd LP The Straw Boys should be out in 2012.
  • Why: What better way to ease out of last night’s debauchery and into the bright future of 2012 (as well as our new post structure!) then with these milky rhythms. It’s the soundtrack to opening eyes. The distant echo of hard work paying off. The calm before the storm of realized dreams. Good things come to those who wait. They also come to those who fight for them. I’m ready. Are you?