[LP/LIVE] Trust – TRST (w/ “Shoom” & “Bulbform”)

seems to me its suffocation

♫ Trust – Shoom

  • Who: Robert Alfons & Maya Postepski (The drummer from Austra)
  • What: Black synth pop, like XX
  • Where: Toronto + Online
  • When: Debut LP TRST is out now on Arts & Crafts.
  • Why: Sometime early this year when Trust was getting blog buzz I saw that album cover and decided they weren’t for me. Then Scott played them for me in the car on the way to The Firehouse one day in Austin and suddenly this dark wall of base had taken over my ears and I was hooked. I’ve been doing gothy variations on The Creep to their debut album ever since. That decrepit old goth’s face says a lot of things but not many of them have to do with how good this album is. TRST is music for waking from the dead to party until sunrise. That guy just looks like he aint waking from shit.

♫ Trust – Bulbform

Anyway, I caught Trust live a few weeks back and they about blew my speaker-side ear inside my skull. In a good way. That bass was so deliciously heavy that it felt like I had a second stomach at work on my dinner. Not to mention Chick Drummer Alert! Yeah. Sorry my photo doesn’t do her justice. Maya, call me and I’ll make it up to you…

Stream the whole album below and be sure to check out other album highlights like the awesomely named “Dressed for Space” and mopey romance jam “Candy Walls.”


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  1. Envy
    Envy says:

    So amazing. Just goes to show you not to judge an album by its cover, either (I too was skeptical).

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