MEN, BIG, and FUCKER all in the same headline? Oh, boy…


are you down to earth? are you down with us?

♫ Men – Big Fucker

These Men are from the UK and should not be confused with the MEN we featured back in April. With that said, this British three piece are all men and quite frankly, rock like men. No funny business rock jams for drinking and fist pumping, preferably at the office. “Big Fucker” is their standout jam with a solid title and riffs, but others hold their own in both fields. (“RE: YOUR REBRANDING” and “Texting The Internet” would be stops 2 and 3 on my Men tour.) Besides being the sonic equivalent to Office Space, the dudes also seem to be awesome. They are giving away their music for free over at their page. Download ’em on company time/bandwidth!

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